We want our riders to look as elegant and stylish as their bikes. Our clothes combine the ultimate in performance with an understated look. Our wool jerseys are simple and elegant. Our knickers are performance cycling wear that disappears when you ride, yet looks appropriate even when you enter a fine restaurant.

The days when we had to explain why wool jerseys are superior fortunately are in the past. Most cyclists know that wool insulates even when it’s wet, and that it is comfortable over a wider range of temperatures than synthetic fabrics. Wool also doesn’t retain odors – a great advantage during long rides. For our knickers, we chose a strong and thin synthetic fabric that outlasts and outperforms wool in terms of abrasion resistance.

All our clothes have proven themselves over thousands of spirited miles. They’ve been ridden on sub-freezing January mornings and in the heat of a summer day. They’ve seen tours, fast weekend rides and even the long road of Paris-Brest-Paris.

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“I really, really like the knickers. On the bike, they never bind or pinch or ride up or ride down. Pedaling is easy. They breathe well in hot temps and dry fast.”
– Grannygear on TwentyNineInches.com

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