Round 2 of DIY Gravel

Round 2 of DIY Gravel

Today would have been the Belgian Waffle Ride in California – which means that Round 2 of Ted King’s DIY Gravel is starting. We’ve got until next Sunday to do our own version of this iconic ride, which offers three versions:

  • Waffle is 138-miles, 53 off-road and nearly 12,000 feet of climbing
  • Wafer is 77.6-miles, 31 off-road miles and 5,600 feet of climbing
  • Wanna is 40-miles, 6 off-road miles, 3,500 ft of climbing

Which will you choose, and where will you go? I’ve had a lot of fun with Round 1, now I’m looking forward to Round 2.

Click here for more on DIY Gravel.

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  • Derek

    I live in a relatively flat area and can’t replicate anybody’s elevation numbers, unless my ride starts with a (driving) road trip. Is there a formula to convert climbing to equivalent flat mileage?

    May 3, 2020 at 5:41 am
    • Jan Heine

      That’s an interesting question. It would very much depend on the rider’s weight and height. If you’re tall and light, hills and flats aren’t all that different in effort and speed. If you’re more muscular and of smaller build, the advantage you have on the flats (much power, low drag) vanishes as soon as the road turns uphill. So a formula would have to consider those elements…

      For this challenge, to goal is just to find a nice course that has a similar distance. I try to think of courses that also replicate the feel of the original, but that’s really just about my imagination, since I’ve never raced these rides. It’s fun to think about what Vermont or California or Kansas look and feel like!

      May 3, 2020 at 11:05 am
  • Paul

    I was training for the BWR this winter and early spring. The race is postponed to November, so fingers crossed that it still happens!

    Meanwhile, another beautiful ride in northwestern Connecticut. 48 miles, 70% gravel:

    This ride has some longer climbs, which is the way I imagine the riding is out West versus the Belgian-style short steep roads that we normally encounter around here.

    BTW, Bon Jon Pass tires at 3.0 bar have been just about perfect for the conditions here!

    May 4, 2020 at 10:58 am

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