Magnolia Loop

Magnolia Loop

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Route Description

Start at Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market. (You can pick up the loop from other locations, too.) Ride along the waterfront and through the railyard to Magnolia, the quietest and most secluded of Seattle’s neighborhoods. A climb, gradual at first, but steep at the end, brings you to the bluff at Discovery Park. Ride through the century-old military base that’s now a park. (On weekends, there will be many walkers, and you can skirt the park along its eastern and southern edges for less traffic.) From here, the course winds through Magnolia. The out-and-back to Perkins Lane is a lovely mini-descent (and climb) in an urban ravine, bringing you to a secluded spot that would be the greatest place to live if the hillside wasn’t sliding toward the water… Climb back up and complete the loop with a long descent. A few blocks off the route is the center of Magnolia with shops and cafes.

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Route Details

More Information

  • Distance: 26 km (16 miles) from downtown, loop itself: 12 km (8 miles)
  • All paved
  • Climbing: 271 m (889 ft)
  • High Point: 109 m (358 ft)
  • Rideable: all year
  • Recommended tires: 23 mm+
  • FKT (Fastest Known Time): not applicable (urban ride)
  • Route featured in: BQ 75 (OPEN MIN.D. vs. Rene Herse comparison)