Rene Herse Cantilever Straddle Cable


Replacement straddle cable for Rene Herse brakes. Sold individually. Choose length: Standard (264 mm) is for most applications. Short (245 mm) is for small frames with little room between the straddle cable hanger and the brake cable housing stop. Long (286 mm) is for ultra-wide tires and fenders (up to 55 mm with fenders).

Sold individually.


Current-production Rene Herse brakes use a dedicated straddle cable that allows the anchor points to swivel. This reduces the stresses on the cable, making it less likely to fray and allowing for a thinner, more flexible straddle cable. The Rene Herse Cantilever Straddle Cable is intended only for Rene Herse cantilever brakes.