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Rene Herse Straddle Cable Yoke


Upgrade the function and beauty of your brakes with a set of Rene Herse straddle cable yokes. They are superlight, yet the eyebolts clamp the cables with utmost security. Thanks to the roller, your brake centers automatically after you’ve removed a wheel and opened the brake’s quick release/straddle cable.

If your brake’s springs aren’t well equalized, simply reverse the lower bolt, so it pinches the roller and immobilizes it. Then you can position the straddle cable slightly off-center to make up for the uneven spring tension.

Sold as a pair.

The Rene Herse straddle cable yoke is an exact replica of the ones used on classic René Herse bikes, with one minor exception: The upper domed nut is a bit taller, so it won’t bottom out like the originals sometimes did.

The Rene Herse® name, logo and designs are registered trademarks of Compass Cycles.

  • Reversible: roller can spin freely or be fixed
  • Suitable for all centerpull and cantilever brakes
  • Suitable for thin (derailleur-size) and thick (brake-size) straddle wires
  • 12 g (each)
  • Assembled in the USA from U.S. and Taiwanese components