Rene Herse Rinko Nut


With a Hirose-style split rear fender, a Rinko nut is used on the tongue that connects the fender, so that the two halves can be secured by an M5 bolt.

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Rinko is the Japanese system of packing bikes for train travel. It’s an elegant way of converting your bike into a small package that you sling over your shoulder and carry on trains, subways, buses or in other crowded places. It is very satisfying to ride up to a train station, and 15 minutes later, having reduced your bike to a neat, small package. One advantage of Rinko is that the bike doesn’t need couplers or other parts that add cost and complexity, and compromise the ride quality. Consider a few small details when designing the frame, use a few special parts, and a standard bike can be made to Rinko.

There are many different Rinko systems, and this nut is intended for the Alps-style system, which removes the fork and part of the rear fender to reduce the bike to the smallest possible package.

  • M7 external threading
  • M5 internal threading
  • Comes with flat M7 nut
  • Stainless steel (Rinko nut); zinc-plated steel (M7 nut)