MKS US-A Cleats for US-B Clipless Pedals


The MKS retention system is similar to that of the Time ATAC pedals, and the cleats are interchangeable. Two metal bars engage the cleat that has the same 2-bolt mounting pattern as SPD cleats.

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The advantage of this system over SPD pedals is greater float with no self-centering, making these pedals a good choice for riders with knee problems. The super-smooth cartridge bearings will keep them spinning smoothly for years to come.

We recommend MKS US-B Nuevo pedals and MKS US-B Nuevo, Rinko pedals.

    • Pairs with MKS US-B pedals
    • Interchangeable with Time ATAC system (please note that worn ATAC cleats will not engage)
    Same 2-bolt mounting pattern as SPD cleats - compatible with most MTB shoes