MKS US-B Nuevo Clipless Pedals, “EZY-Superior” Rinko


The Rinko version of the US-B Nuevo pedal allows removing the pedal without tools in just seconds – convenient for travel, to store your bike in tight spaces, or if you want to ride with clipless pedals one day and with platform pedals the next.

The US-B Nuevo is a top-of-the-line clipless pedal with superbly smooth cartridge bearings. The retention system is similar to that of the Time ATAC pedals, and the cleats are interchangeable. Two metal bars engage the cleat that has the same 2-bolt mounting pattern as SPD cleats.

The advantage of this system over SPD pedals is greater float with no self-centering, making these pedals a good choice for riders with knee problems. The super-smooth cartridge bearings will keep them spinning smoothly for years to come.

Includes one set of cleats and hardware.

Also available in a standard, non-Rinko version.

  • Weight: 476 g (pair)
  • "EZY-Superior" Rinko system (not interchangeable with the "EZY" system)
  • Super-smooth cartridge bearings
  • Cleat compatible with Time ATAC pedals
  • Pedal storage bag included
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