FMB Slalom Tubular


The Slalom cyclocross tubular features an intermediate tread pattern. The elongated knobs are said to improve cornering grip.

  • Cotton casing for all-round performance
  • PRO casing (green) is reinforced for ultra-tough conditions


FMB tubulars are made by hand in a small workshop in Brittany, France. The tread is glued to the inflated casing to avoid the inbuilt stresses that occur with ‘flat-glued’ tubulars. This means that the tread absorbs less energy when it deforms as the tire rolls along. The result is a faster, more supple tire. These are the tires that professional racers buy with their own money for their most important races.

Made in France.

  • 700C x 33 mm
  • Cotton or PRO casing
  • Ultra-fine threads (Read here why we TPI isn't a good measure for tire suppleness)
  • Latex tube
  • Tubular tire (requires tubular rim)