Ostrich OS-500 Airplane Bag


The Ostrich Airplane Bag is padded for travel on Japanese airlines. The bag is bigger than our other Rinko bags, since it is intended for all kinds of bikes – there is no need to remove the fork. The OS-500 Airplane Bag will hold a large frame/fork, as long as fenders, wheels, handlebars and saddle are removed. The wheels/fenders fit in pockets next to the bike. There are additional internal pockets for other parts, so they don’t rattle around and damage your bike during travel. The bag folds into thirds, making it easy to store at your destination.

  • 135 x 82 x 21 cm (53 x 32 x 8 in)
  • Padded for airline travel
  • 2.6 kg (5.75 lbs)
  • Made in Taiwan
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