Rene Herse Angled Brake Washer (Pair)


Adjust the toe-in of cantilever and centerpull brakes without having to bend the arms. The advantage of the angled washer is that you’ll do it only once, when you initially set up the brakes, and then never worry about it again.

It’s really simple: The washer that goes under the posts of the brake pad has one groove that is deeper than the other. This puts the brake pad at a 2.5° angle, which gives you about 2 mm of toe-in. There is a dot on the reverse (invisible once installed) that shows which groove is deeper. Install the washer in the orientation that you want your toe-in, and you are done. The washer remains in place as you adjust or change the brake pads, so you never have to think about it again. Your toe-in always remains the same.

  • Compatible with Rene Herse and Mafac centerpull brakes, and others with similar 'post-style' pad hardware
  • Not compatible with brakes that have bolt-on pads
  • 1 gram each
  • Made in Taiwan
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