Rene Herse Leather Washers


Leather washers go between your metal fenders and the fixed points of your bike (frame, fork and racks, but not fender stays). The washers prevent rattles and keep the fenders from loosening. Leather is the best material for this application – it resists oil, grease and UV.

Our leather washers are extra-thick, since they are made from cowhides used for making handlebar bags. Rather than throwing away the trimmings along the edges of the hides, our friend Phil punches them into the best fender washers you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

Package of 5.

Pro Tip: Protect leather washers with Obenauf’s Leather Preservative before you install them, and they will last for decades.

  • For secure fender mounting
  • Package of 5 washers
  • Thick, strong leather
  • Made in USA
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