Rene Herse Fender BLADES ONLY


Aluminum fenders tend to last as long as your bike, if they are installed correctly. However, fenders can get damaged when you have an accident, when you travel or – let’s be honest – due to mistakes during installation. Rather than ask you to buy a complete set of fenders with all the hardware, we offer just the blades for all Rene Herse fender models. Also useful if you want to equip your bike with aero fairings over the wheels as on Moto GP bikes or Jan’s Oregon Outback FKT machine.

Pro Tip: Our illustrated fender instructions are included with the blades. Follow them carefully to ensure a long-lasting installation.

  • Front and rear fender blades only
  • Undrilled
  • No hardware
  • Includes mounting instructions
  • Please check fender specs for details
  • Made in Japan