Rene Herse Cable Stop Braze-ons


A bike’s beauty rests in its simplicity: Two circles for the wheels, two triangles for the frame, a gently curved handlebar and a saddle to provide a visual counterpoint. Everything else is a distraction that we like to keep as unobtrusive as possible. That’s why we aren’t fond of the huge cable stops that are common today. They are dimensioned to take a ferrule that provides a metal-to-metal connection between housing and stop. They don’t just look bulky; they also add multiple layers that flex and make your brake less powerful and responsive. Better delete the ferrule and strip the outer rubber cover of the housing, so the steel of the cable housing fits directly into the frame’s cable stop.

The stops are slotted. That makes it easy to remove the cable for Rinko and travel bikes. They are a perfect match for the Rene Herse cable hanger.

Package of 2.

Pro Tip: Keep the cable housing as short as possible and run exposed cables to limit flex and optimize brake power.

  • Crmoly steel
  • Made in Japan
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