Nivex Rear Dropouts


The Nivex dropouts align the chain- and seatstays with the rear axle—one of the secrets why classic bikes by Rene Herse and other constructeurs look so light and elegant. The Nivex dropout opens slightly toward the rear to facilitate wheel removal and installation, especially on bikes with fenders. The long tab at the front of the slot further guides the wheel. Stainless steel washers are included for brazing into recesses on the inside of the dropouts to provide wear surfaces for the hub axle.

Pro Tip: The table on the left shows the dropout angles for bikes with Rene Herse-style wrapover seatstays.

Nivex® is a registered mark of Rene Herse Cycles.

  • Four models for different frame sizes/seatstay angles
  • SS41 steel
  • Stainless washers for inside recesses
  • M5 threaded eyelets
  • Made in Taiwan