Rene Herse Rack Tabs


Rack tabs are small parts, but they make a difference in the elegance of the frame. In the past, ‘hourglass’ eyelets were popular, because they are easy to braze onto the frame/fork tubes, but they look bulky.

The re-designed Rene Herse rack tabs are made from 2.5 mm-thick SS41 steel. A custom-machined insert allows for longer threads (5 mm) without making the tab itself thick and bulky. The insert is brazed into the thin tab.

The rack tabs are available with M5 threads for small racks and with M6 threads for ultra-strong custom camping and porteur racks. Matching tabs for the racks (without threaded inserts) are available in both sizes.

  • suitable for 1/4", 7 mm tubing (5 mm hole); 7/16", 10 mm tubing (6 mm hole)
  • 2.5 mm thick
  • machined threaded inserts, 5 mm thick
  • Laser-cut SS41 steel
  • Machined CrMo inserts
  • Four versions:
    • for bag-support rack (5 mm hole, tab goes into tubing)
    • for porteur/camping rack (6 mm hole, tab goes into tubing)
    • for frame, M5 threaded insert
    • for frame, M6 threaded insert
  • Weight: 5-7 g (pair; includes threaded inserts)
  • Made in Taiwan