Rene Herse Direct Mount Centerpull Pivots


Direct mount brakes, with the pivots brazed to the frame, eliminate the pivot support arch. This reduces the weight, improves the brake’s performance, and makes it more elegant.

Rene Herse centerpull pivots are available pre-mitered for front and rear, as well as un-mitered (universal). The spring holder slides onto the boss and is brazed on. This creates a seamless, elegant appearance.

Available in CrMo (all styles) and stainless steel (universal only). Set of 2 (one brake).

Pro Tip: Weinmann and Dia-Compe brakes require special springs for direct mount pivots (not included). For Rene Herse and Mafac brakes, use original springs with braze-on pivots. Make sure your brakes fit the pivots before you braze them on!

  • Pre-mitered for front or rear, or un-mitered (universal)
  • CrMo or stainless steel (universal model only)
  • For Rene Herse centerpull brakes
  • For all classic centerpull brakes (Mafac, Weinmann, Dia-Compe, Zeus ...)
  • Not for Paul brakes or cantilever brakes (use cantilever braze-ons)
  • Front is mitered for Rene Herse brakes and Kaisei 'TOEI Special' fork blades
  • Rear is mitered 3 mm off-center
  • Made in Taiwan