Rene Herse Cantilever Pivots


Most cantilever pivots on the market today were originally made for production mountain bikes, where low cost was the major consideration. Their dimensions are not always accurate, and the material can be soft. After spending over an hour sanding down two cantilever posts that had bulged ever so slightly under the pressure of the bolts, we decided to make our own.

Rene Herse cantilever pivots are precision-machined from Cromoly steel. They are available uncut (universal), as well as pre-mitered for Kaisei TOEI Special fork blades (front) and with miters for seatstays (rear). The spring holder slides onto the boss and is brazed on. This creates a seamless, elegant appearance.

Set of 2 (one brake).

  • Pre-mitered for front or rear, or un-mitered (universal)
  • CrMo
  • For all modern cantilever brakes
  • Front is mitered for Rene Herse brakes and Kaisei 'TOEI Special' fork blades
  • Rear is mitered 3 mm off-center
  • Made in Taiwan