Rene Herse CP-1 Front Rack for Centerpull Brakes


Equip your new custom bike with the lightest and most beautiful rack available anywhere. The Rene Herse CP-1 rack is fillet-brazed from thinwall Cromoly steel tubing, with a chrome-plated finish for durability. The elegant tabs for mounting the rack are brazed into the ends of the rack support tubes, like dropouts on a classic bicycle frame. At 168 g, this is the lightest rack available today.

The optional ‘hanging’ light mount of this rack is designed for use with the ‘hanging’ SON Edelux headlight. Use with Rene Herse Light Mounting Bolt.

Or choose the ‘standing’ light mount that gives you a choice among a wide range of lights. Also available without light mount. (Two eyelets give you the option of mounting a light using the Rene Herse Light Mount.)

Pro Tip:  The Rene Herse CP-1 rack is designed to be used with the Rene Herse centerpull brakes. It requires dedicated braze-ons on the frame, so it cannot be retrofitted without brazing on the mounts. For bikes with cantilever brakes, we recommend the Rene Herse M-13 or UD-2 racks. Scroll down for complete specs.

  • Attaches to centerpull braze-ons and fork braze-ons.
  • Requires dedicated braze-ons
  • Designed for Rene Herse and Mafac Raid centerpull brakes
  • Does not work with Paul Racer brakes; these brakes extend forward of the pivot
  • 75 mm centerpull braze-on spacing
  • Designed for 93.5 mm between centerpull braze-ons and fork braze-ons.
  • Fork braze-ons should be approximately 85 mm apart, though the rack will fit if this distance is slightly wider or narrower.
  • Platform: 160 mm x 90 mm (Backstop: 48 mm)
  • Fender attachment at the front of the rack
  • Designed for bikes with up to 44 mm tires and fenders.
  • Made in Japan
  • 168 g (rack); 22 g (hardware)
  • Load limit: depends on terrain, riding style, tire size and pressure. Tested to 10 kg (22 lb) on a lab 'torture' machine and in the field.
  • For detailed drawings, see here.
The rack is supplied with custom hardware:
  • 2x Rene Herse brake/rack mounting bolts (M6/M5)
  • 2x M5 domed nuts with lockwashers
  • 2x Rene Herse M5 bolts to attach to fork braze-ons
  • 2x V2 braze-on for fork blade (centerpull pivots available separately)
  • 1x M5 nut with leather washer for fender mount