Rinko Headset Tool(Discontinued)


The cutest, lightest headset tool in the world. To remove the fork for Rinko, many bikes require a headset tool. Carrying a large headset tool is cumbersome, so we offer this custom-made tool. It features a 32 mm socket for the headset locknut. The smaller holes allow you to insert an 8 or 10 mm Allen wrench for added leverage. The smaller holes also can serve to tighten bolts on your bike during roadside emergencies, but since the tool is made from aluminum, they are not strong enough for shop use.

Note: The smaller 8 and 10 mm holes can fit a bit tightly with some bolts and Allen wrenches. You can open them with a file for a better fit.

  • 32, 10, 8 mm sockets
  • Superlight aluminum construction
  • 13 g
  • Not for shop use
  • Perfect for on-the-road headset adjustments and emergency repairs
Availability: Out of stock

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