René Herse (Limited Edition) FRANCAIS


René Herse
Les Vélos • Le Constructeur • Les Pilotes

By Jan Heine
Foreword by Lyli Herse

Edition Limitée (5 copies)

Version française de notre livre sur René Herse, en version limitée. Texte du livre en français. ‘Update’ (en anglais) est livré avec le livre.

The Limited Edition includes a collection of four ready-to-frame, unpublished photographs from the René Herse Archives on archival paper. An attractive slipcase protects the book. Each copy is numbered and signed by the author.

This isn’t a book for collectors, but a fascinating story of a time when cycling was a way of life. The bikes, as beautiful as they are, provide only the backdrop for the adventures and friendships that they made possible. René Herse needs little introduction these days: He created some of the most sought-after bicycles ever made. This 424-page book takes you right into the action, with thousands of historic photos and stories told by riders, racers, randonneurs, employees and René Herse’s daughter Lyli. Follow René Herse and his friends through half a century of adventures, starting with Herse’s early work on prototype aircraft. Join then at the 1938 Technical Trials, where his bike created a sensation: Fully equipped with wide tires, fenders, lights and a rack, it weighed just 7.94 kg (17.5 lb), lighter than any similar bike today. Witness the difficult years during World War II and learn how they used their bikes both to forage the country for food, but also to spend time with friends and to help each other. Watch amazing performances in the Poly de Chanteloup hillclimb race, Paris-Brest-Paris, and professional races won on René Herse’s frames. Visit the workshop and learn how American customers helped to keep the lights on during the difficult period of the 1960s. Learn how his daughter Lyli and Herse’s best framebuilder joined hands to continue the tradition, crafting amazing bikes that were as out-of-this-world as her father’s. If you love beautiful books, the Limited Edition is the final touch on one of the most amazing cycling books ever published.

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