BQ 2 (Winter 2002)


Vol. 1, No. 2

PBP Special

Roger Baumann, fastest rider in the 1956 Paris-Brest-Paris, tells us all about that suspenseful PBP, about randonneuring in the 1950s, and about riding on René Herse’s famous team. We translate Daniel Rebour’s observations about the bikes at PBP: “No special technology, but extremely sturdy bicycles equipped with utmost care.” The incredible 1952 Faure, made by a watchmaker from Saint-Etienne in France, shows what happens if you take the concept of the constructeur to its extreme conclusion: Every bolt and nut is custom-made. We also bring you our first how-to on installing aluminum fenders.

  • 1 It is not over until... Paris-Brest-Paris 1956
  • 6 Interview with Roger Baumann, Pilote de René Herse and winner of PBP 1956
  • 12 No special technology for Paris-Brest-Paris 1956 by Daniel Rebour
  • 14 Seen at Paris-Brest-Paris 1956 by Daniel Rebour and Joel Metz
  • 15 A fully integrated bicycle: Helen March's 1952 A. Faure
  • 18 Daniel Rebour Drawings of an A. Faure bicycle
  • 19 Installing alloy fenders on your bike
  • 20 Alex Singer and René Herse — a comparison
  • 20 Special Book Offer — René Herse by New Cycling