BQ 3 (Spring 2003)


Vol. 1, No. 3

San Francisco to Los Angeles in 1902

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San Francisco to Los Angeles in 1902: Learn about the challenges of riding on dirt roads with no road signs, on descending on brake-less bikes, and on facing hostile cart drivers. The 1929 Integral had many novel solutions that turned out to be blind alleys of history: wheel bearings in the dropouts, a floating chain and a frame with the chainrings between the twin down and seat tubes. But it also had what appear to be the first triple cranks, and it was ridden all across France. Be prepared to be amazed!

We also look at what makes a good randonneur bike (from the viewpoint of 2003) and examine a René Herse from PBP 1948. An introduction into Audax-style randonneuring is followed by Joel Metz’ look at classic French trailers.

  • 1 A fully equipped, 7.960kg cyclotouring bike in 1936
  • 2 The Nivex derailleur does not wear out
  • 4 From San Francisco to Los Angeles in 1902
  • 6 1929 Integral with floating chain
  • 10 La Machine de Paris-Brest by Daniel Rebour
  • 12 What makes a good randonneur bike
  • 16 Randonneuring — Audax-style
  • 16 Celebrate 100 years of the Tour de France by riding the original route, Audax-style
  • 17 The Paris-Brest-Paris Audax 1956
  • 18 French trailer design from the 1940s/50s
  • 20 Thoughts on trailer design
  • 20 Trailers — a counterpoint
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