BQ 5 (Autumn 2003)


Vol. 2, No. 1

Technical Trials 2 and PBP

We continue the story of the French Technical Trials with the post-war events. Builders now competed for the lightest bike, with amazing machines. Alex Singer’s entry in the 1946 Trials weighed only 15.16 pounds, despite being equipped with wide tires, fenders, rack, lights (including standlight) pump and even a bell. Wonderful drawings by Daniel Rebour show cut-away pedals (with exposed spindles), lightened derailleur pulleys (every other tooth removed) and superlight racks.

The other big story is about riding a 1946 René Herse tandem in the 2003 Paris-Brest-Paris. The old machine performed exceptionally well, arriving as the second tandem and fastest “mixed” team after a challenging ride. Read the whole story about the tandem and the big ride, including a wonderful encounter with 1956 PBP winner Roger Baumann in the middle of the first night.

A comparison test of fenders, plus a look at the aerodynamics of fenders, round out this exceptional issue.

  • 1 The Fastest "Tandem Mixte" in Paris-Brest-Paris 2003
  • 5 History of the Technical Trials 1946-1949
  • 14 Daniel Rebour: Will This be the Machine for the 1948 Technical Trials?
  • 24 The Legacy of the Technical Trials — And the Future
  • 25 Book Review: "A Crooked Path to Victory"
  • 25 Other Reading Resources
  • 26 Fenders — A Comparison Test
  • 28 Aerodynamics and Fenders