BQ 7 (Spring 2004)


Vol. 2, No. 3

The Fascinating Tandems of France

Tandems played an important part in French cycling culture. In this issue, we bring you beautiful machines from Reyhand, Herse, Singer, Narcisse, Hugonnier-Routens, Marcadier and Hurtu. A contemporary report takes you straight into the action of the first-ever 600 km brevet in 1928, on a tandem ridden by two women. We reprint Jo Routens’ story of riding the 1948 Paris-Brest-Paris in 49 hours, faster than all single bikes. And we examine the geometry of several classic tandems to find out why they handle so well. If you are interested in tandems at all, this issue is a must-read!

  • 1 The Fascinating Tandems of France
  • 5 Two Women on a Tandem: 600km in 34 Hours (1928)
  • 7 1938 Reyhand
  • 23 1947-1952 Hugonnier-Routens: Built for the Mountains
  • 24 1950 René Herse: Classic Perfection
  • 26 1950s Marcadier: Welded Oversize Aluminum
  • 28 Why the old Tandems Handle so Well
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