BQ 20 (Summer 2007)


Vol. 5, No. 4

British Lightweights

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Christopher Barbour leads us into the world of British lightweight touring bikes. Illustrated with Frank Patterson’s evocative drawings, the article made me want to head to the leafy lanes of Britain… To complement this article, Elton Pope-Lance presented three classic machines: a 1951 Flying Scot, a 1953 Claud Butler Jubilee and a 1957 Maclean Eclipse. Hilary Stone shows seven machines with “unorthodox” frames, from a magnificent 1930s Flying Gate via an amazing Paris Galibier to a classic Thanet Silverlight. Flash Weldon explores the history of Hetchins, the maker famous for elaborate lugwork. Chris Kostman takes you on the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour, a precursor to the popular “Tweed Rides” of today.

Our bike tests were a 1957 Cinelli Supercorsa that surprised with its performance, and a Terraferma that gave us our first taste of thinwall, superlight tubing. It convinced Mark that “planing” was a real phenomenon. He wrote: “There aren’t many test bikes that Jan sees from behind.”

We report from the 3rd North American Handmade Bicycle Show and look at how a bicycle should be engineered. We explore how to triangulate frames and racks, how to design connections so bolts don’t come loose, and how to avoid stress risers. To complement this analysis, Peter Weigle talks about different frame designs for women’s bikes in his Builders Speak article.

  • 1 The British Lightweights
  • 4 Readers’ Forum
  • 6 Web Resources
  • 7 Destinations: Musée Auto-Moto, Château de Bosc, Provence, France
  • 8 The 3rd North American Handmade Bicycle Show
  • 10 Engineering a Bicycle
  • 14 Product Tests: Reproduction Campagnolo Brake Lever Hoods, Update on IRD Freewheels
  • 16 Book Reviews: Velo Vision Magazine, Self-Massage, Thanet Cycles, V-CC
  • 21 1951 Flying Scot International
  • 22 1953 Claud Butler Jubilee
  • 23 1957 Maclean Eclipse
  • 24 A Kaleidoscope of British “Unorthodox” Frames
  • 26 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Building Women’s Frames
  • 29 Optimizing Your Tire Pressure for Your Weight
  • 30 Test: 1957 Cinelli Supercorsa — Going Strong on its 50th Anniversary
  • 34 Test: Terraferma Race — Catch Me If You Can!
  • 37 Getting in Sync With a Bike: Planing and How It Works
  • 38 Hetchins — Vibrant Stays and Ornate Lugs
  • 43 Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour: A Timeless Cycling Adventure
  • 46 Randonneuring Basics, Part 6: Group Riding and Pacelines
  • 48 Six Words of French
  • 49 Avoiding the Crowds During Paris-Brest-Paris
  • 50 My Favorite Bike: Bob Freeman’s mid-1930s F. H. Grubb
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