BQ 9 (Autumn 2004)


Vol. 3, No. 1

La Tante – The Aunt

The Aunt is a legendary figure among French cyclotourists. She is the last survivor who rode in brevets in the 1930s, participated in the Technical Trials and counted René Herse and Alex Singer amongst her close friends. In an 11-page interview, she talks about these events, as well as winning the Poly de Chanteloup hillclimb race during the war, but also about the fun and laughter she shared with her friends during her rides and tours. Amazing photos from her collection (she worked at Kodak, so had access to the best camera equipment) and her contemporary report from the very first Flèche Vélocio 24-hour ride complement the interview.

Staying with the topic of women’s bikes, we showcase a 1951 René Herse that is still being ridden today by its female owner. Daniel Rebour takes you on a tour of the bikes in the Poly de Chanteloup hillclimb race. And we published our first-ever bike test, of the Heron Randonneur.

  • 1 Seventy Years of Cyclotouring — Interview with Paulette Porthault
  • 14 Annick's Favorite Bike — 1951 René Herse with Nivex derailleur
  • 17 Chanteloup and Progress (Daniel Rebour 1946)
  • 18 Seen At Chanteloup (Daniel Rebour 1946)
  • 20 Book Review: Personal Best — The Autobiography of Beryl Burton
  • 21 Ready to Go: Testing the Heron Randonneur
  • 24 The Very First Flèche Velocio in 1947
  • 27 Metal Fenders — Correctly Mounted to Last (Almost) Forever
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