BQ 36 (Summer 2011)


Vol. 9, No. 4

Wheel Size

Do larger wheels roll better over bumps? Nobody seems to have tested this, so we returned to the rumble strips with wheels of different sizes… We tested the wheels both on smooth pavement and on the rumble strips. We compared the effects of wheel size with those of tire pressure.

All the technical research only serves to enjoy our bikes more, and we enjoy them most on beautiful roads. Our editor talks about how he collects roads, and what his criteria are for a great road.

The René Herse tandem that tied for the fastest time (with Jo Routens’ tandem) in the 1956 Paris-Brest-Paris has a long and fascinating history. We trace this story and report how this wonderful machine was restored from a complete wreck to its former glory.

We test an Ellis 700C Randonneur and explain how we test bikes and how we measure their geometry. Peter Weigle shows how he used to shave tires to remove the tread and improve the performance.

  • Features:
  • 4 Collecting Roads
  • 9 Finding the Old Roads
  • 36 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Shaving Tires for Better Performance
  • 48 The Story of a Tandem: René Herse #201
  • 70 My Favorite Bike: Pacific Reach
  • Reviews:
  • 16 Bike Test: Ellis 700C Randonneur
  • 44 Test: Keen Austin spd-compatible shoes
  • Tech:
  • 10 Do Larger Wheels Roll Faster? The First Carefully Controlled Study that Measures Power Output with Various Wheel Sizes
  • 26 How We Test Bicycles
  • 32 Measuring a Bike's Geometry
  • 68 Experiments with Shimmy
  • News:
  • 42 News
  • 46 Readers' Forum