BQ 49 (Autumn 2014)


The Oregon Outback was an exciting gravel event, and we bring you right into the action with two features.
One brings you the atmosphere of the ride, while the other examines what makes a perfect gravel bike.

Speaking of bikes, we test the Ritchey Swiss Cross. Can a cyclocross bike keep up with a good road bike on smooth pavement, yet also tackle gravel roads off the beaten path?

The Toussaint Velo Routier is an affordable 650B frame. We take it on a ride to find out how it performs.

Junzo Kawai, long-time chairman of the board of Suntour, died recently. We look at his life and how he led Suntour toward remarkable innovations that we continue to use today.

We visited Tokyo and here report on the cycling culture of this amazing metropolis. Among many surprises, we found double-decker bike racks and juvenile wanna-be outlaws on bicycles with neon lights and batman wings.

Tokyo also is home to Honjo, makers of the world’s most beautiful fenders. We take you on a tour and show you how metal fenders are made.
Fenders are great to keep you and your bike dry and clean, but they also can cause accidents. We look at how to make your fender-equipped bike as safe as possible, so you don’t have to worry about your fender folding up and throwing you over the bars.

Product tests in this issue include SRAM’s revolutionary 1_11 drivetrain (above) and a minipump with a neat pressure gauge.

  • Features:
  • 10 Bike-Packing the Oregon Outback
  • 14 Oregon Outback: The Quest for the Perfect Gravel Bike
  • 42 A Day in Tokyo
  • 44 A Visit to Honjo
  • 52 The Magic Brooks Saddle: A Visit to the René Herse Shop in 1975
  • 58 650B - Renaissance of a Wheel Size
  • 74 Icon: Huret Jubilee Derailleur
  • Reviews:
  • 6 First Ride: Toussaint Velo Routier
  • 26 Bike Test: Ritchey Swiss Cross
  • 54 Test: SRAM CX1 1x11 Group
  • 56 Test: Lezyne Gauge Drive Pumps
  • Tech:
  • 66 The Dangers of Fenders
  • 72 Skill: Carrying Your Bike
  • News:
  • 48 Junzo Kawai, Chairman of SunTour, 1922 - 2014
  • 70 Readers’ Forum