BQ 68 (Summer 2019)


Adventures in California, Eritrea and the Cascade Mountains. Bike tests of a steel all-road bike and a bamboo bike with hydraulic shifting. Visits to shops on three continents where beautiful bikes and parts are crafted entirely by hand. The Summer 2019 edition of Bicycle Quarterly takes on you trips that go beyond your wildest dreams.


  • 6    Bikepacking in Eritrea
  • 58    80 Years of Cycles Alex Singer
  • 78    Shop Visit: Guu Watanabe Bags
  • 86    Shop Visit: Brian Chapman Cycles
  • 100  Skill: Balance Your Load
  • 104  Icon: Campagnolo Super Record Derailleur
  • 20    Bike Test: Calfee Bamboo to the Alpine Lakes
  • 20    Test: Rotor Uno Hydraulic Shifting
  • 44    Bike Test: Frances All-Road on Mount Tam
  • 84    Toe Overlap: When it's OK and when it's not
  • 96    Project: Matching your brake to your cantilever posts
  • 4    News
  • 102   Readers’ Forum