BQ 72 (Summer 2020)


From Peter Gaskill’s adventures in Morocco during Lael Wilcox discovering her home state on a bike, the Summer 2020 edition is packed with exciting content. We take you into the workshops at Fern Bicycles and bag maker Gramm Tourpacking in Berlin, and we explore the long-forgotten history of American cyclotouring bikes with a visit to R T Jansen. Our photographer refurbishes a beautiful custom bike he bought used to create a competent all-road bike. Two other projects show you how to replace the top of a leather saddle and how to neatly shorten your derailleur and brake cables for the finishing touch on a special build.

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No. 72
Summer 2020

Lael in Alaska
Atlas Mountain Race
Fern Bicycles
Gramm Tourpacking
R T Jansen
All-Road Bike Make-Over
Finding Drunken Charlie Lake