Spring 2022 Bicycle Quarterly

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Spring 2022 Bicycle Quarterly

The Spring 2022 Bicycle Quarterly is coming off the press as you read this. Paper shortages have delayed this edition a little, but it’s been worth the wait. Putting together the magazine has been a lot of fun. Our team followed with amazement as Lael Wilcox rode the entire Alaska Pipeline Trail non-stop. She recounts the experience almost mile-by-mile, while Rue’s photos took us right into the action.

We smiled when we told the story of how our bike test turned from ‘just a spin in the hills’ into a much bigger adventure. What do they say about the best-laid plans?

We all learned something from Natsuko’s article on how to descend confidently without being brave or taking risks. You don’t need to be a fast rider to enjoy descending!

The interview with Romolo Stanco, the mad genius behind T°Red Bikes, was eye-opening in many ways. We were amazed by some of his ideas that allowed Francesca Selva win the Italian Fixed Championships on a very unconventional bike. Romolo’s ideas may seem far-fetched, and yet they make sense – and his bikes have proven their worth in the highest levels of competition.

We’ve talked a lot about the all-road bike revolution in recent years, but working on this edition’s classic bike feature, we realized that an even bigger revolution occurred in the 1890s. In just a few years, bikes went from highwheelers to bikes with modern performance. We compare the Humber above – similar to the bike that was ridden to victory in the first Paris-Brest-Paris (1200 km on gravel in just 71 hours) – to a bike that is just four years older, but worlds apart.

Gravel tire choice is still a bit of a mystery. Why do some racers win on ultra-wide tires, while others are just as fast on narrower rubber? We took a deep look at why there’s more to tire choice than only optimizing rolling resistance. We learned a lot as we examined every factor that influences tire choice for riding and racing on gravel and listened to feedback from pros like Ted King and Lauren de Crescenzo.

Of course we all know how to fix a flat… Our ‘Project’ article on how to remove a tire without tire levers (no great strength required!), how to patch tubes with 100% success, and how to get tubeless rim tape lay flat inside the rim, forced us to examine our techniques – and improve them. We also found answers to questions many of us have asked for a long time: Why is it easier to install tires on some rims than others? What are the pluses and minuses of different types of rim tape?

All these articles and many others make the Spring 2022 Bicycle Quarterly another un-missable edition. Subscribe today to get your copy sent with our first mailing directly from the printer. That way, you’ll be sure to be among the first to enjoy these great stories.

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Photo credits: Rugile Kaladyte (Photo 1); Geme (Photo 4); J.-P. Pradères (Photo 5); Linda Guerrette (Photo 6)

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