Volcano-High Pass Super Randonnee Brevet

For the rules for Super Randonnees and how to register, check https://rusa.org/pages/super-randonnees

  • Distance: 627 km (390 miles)
  • Unpaved: 25%
  • Climbing: 11,629 m (38,153 ft)
  • High Point: (6400 ft)
  • Rideable: late June – early October
  • Start: Packwood, WA
  • Finish: Sunrise (Mount Rainier)
  • Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38224037
  • Route includes return to the start (not part of Super Randonnee)


  • Packwood (Hotel Packwood)
  • Walupt Lake (campground sign)
  • Babyshoe Pass (pass sign)
  • Columbia River (bike with river in background)
  • Oldman Pass (pass sign)
  • Northwoods/Eagle Cliff (store/campground sign)
  • Packwood (24 hour gas station, get signature)
  • FR 84 at turnoff to High Rock (road sign “High Rock 2.6 miles”)
  • Paradise (ranger station with sign)
  • Cliffdell (signature or Whistling Jack sign)
  • Pacific Crest Trail near Naches Pass
  • Greenwater (“Welcome to Greenwater” sign)
  • Sunrise (“Sunrise” sign)
  • To register for this Super Randonnee 600 km brevet, please contact Jan Heine.

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