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When we introduced the our Fleecer Ridge 700C x 55 mm dual-purpose knobbies, we sent two sets to Neil and Logan at Since the Fleecers are our first tires specifically intended for bikepacking and the Tour Divide, we were eager to get their feedback. That was a few months ago, and I was just about to drop them a note: “Hope you’ve been able to ride the tires a bit. What do you think?” Before I got around to writing that email, a very detailed review appeared at – both in words and with a nicely done video.

Turns out Neil has been riding his Fleecer Ridges quite a bit. More than 1,000 miles (1,600 km), to be exact. And he likes them. A lot.

He mentions how fast they roll on road and trail, how well they grip even in tricky situations, and how quiet they are. (The noise cancellation technology really does work.) They proved very durable, too. In fact, Neil and Logan consider them ideal for rides like the Tour Divide, where you don’t know what lies ahead.

That is high praise from a site that is known for its independence. Thank you, Neil and Logan for the time and effort to really test these tires! Rather than listen to me talk about their review, read and watch it here.

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