"I'm practically living in them" – Compass Knickers Review

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"I'm practically living in them" – Compass Knickers Review

I really like our cyclotouring knickers. They are based on a design I discovered in Japan. The ones we offer are a development from that, a little lighter and even better for spirited riding. I’ve been wearing mine on almost every ride since we introduced them. So it’s no surprise that I like them – I developed them!
That is why it’s important to get independent feedback. The ideal reviewer would be somebody who isn’t interested in Allroad cycling or cyclotouring. How about a mountain biker who is into 29ers (not 650B mountain bikes!)? Enter the blogger “Grannygear” at TwentyNineInches.com.

Not only did he review the knickers, he even bought them with his own money. The first we found out about the review was when it was published. (I got permission to quote him, but the photos are our own due to copyright restrictions.) Here is what TwentyNineInches.com had to say about the Compass knickers:
“I not only wore them for an 8-hour road trip, I practically lived in them. […] I really, really like them. On the bike, they never bind or pinch or ride up or ride down. Pedaling is easy. […] They breathe well in hot temps and dry fast.
“They are cut slightly higher in the back at the waist, so they do not ride down at all. They do pack up very small, and I can’t get them to wrinkle no matter how much I stuff them when stored.”

Dislikes? The small openings of the pockets. We agree, by the way, which is we’ve already enlarged the pocket openings since his knickers were made.

He wrote: “Other than the pocket openings, I can’t think of anything I do not like about them, and they are made right here is the U S of A.”
Thank you, Grannygear!
You can read the full review here.

Update 3/2023: The knickers have been discontinued. Our supplier here in Seattle no longer is able to make them for us.

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