Lights! Closeouts and New Headlights

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Lights! Closeouts and New Headlights

Current LED headlights are amazing. Both the Schmidt Edelux and the B&M IQ Cyo provide a bright, even beam that puts the light on the road where you need it, without blinding oncoming traffic. When they came out a few years ago, these lights truly were a quantum leap, and I replaced all my old halogen headlights long before they were worn out.
Progress continues in smaller steps, and our favorite headlights will be updated this autumn. You can read about Schmidt’s new Edelux II in the current issue of Bicycle Quarterly. B&M just announced their new Cyo IQ Premium. Both will use new optics that provide a wider beam (“new” above).
We look forward to testing the new lights. We anticipate that the wider beam pattern will be a significant improvement while cornering in the dark. In the photo above, it looks like the center of the beam is less bright than with the current optics, but that may just be due to the camera exposure – at least the Schmidt Edelux II uses a new LED that emits more light with the same power consumption.
I expect the updated lights to improve on an already excellent product, but I don’t expect another quantum leap. I probably will continue to ride with my original Edelux headlights for a long time. Even during night-time descents on gravel roads at 40 mph, the original Edelux provides plenty of light.
With the new models coming, Compass Bicycles is reducing the prices of the current versions of the IQ Cyo (above) and Edelux (below). Here is your opportunity to get a state-of-the-art light for less, while supplies last.

I like to hang my headlight from my front rack, which makes it less susceptible to coming loose due to vibrations and provides the best beam pattern for spirited riding.  Unfortunately, there are no plans for a “hanging-mount” or “upside-down” Edelux II at this time (above the original version). However, we’ll keep pushing Schmidt Maschinenbau, and hopefully they will reconsider.
For details, prices and orders, please click here.

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