New Taillights in the Rene Herse Program

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New Taillights in the Rene Herse Program

Just in time for the end of daylight savings time, we’ve added a few taillights to our program. We’ve long carried the Busch & Müller Secula Plus ($ 34, right)—a simple modern LED light for fender mounting. Like all lights in the Rene Herse program, it includes a standlight, so you are visible when you’re stopped at a traffic light or stop sign.

The μ (‘mu’ which stands for ‘Micro’) is smallest taillight that is legal in Germany—meaning it provides full visibility. It features an aluminum housing, powerful LED and a standlight. ($ 76)

It’s truly a minimalist light, and so it doesn’t include a reflector. Despite its small size, it’s as bright as all the other Busch & Müller taillights (and the Rene Herse taillight that uses B & M internals). Germany has the most comprehensive laws about lighting—which is why the best lights come from Germany—and the laws also regulate the brightness of taillights.

The Secuzed is a bit bigger, because it includes a reflector. ($ 42) The reflector is a failsafe in case your light stops working. This is much less of an issue since LEDs have replaced incandescent bulbs (which tended to burn out if you went too fast), but it’s still a good idea. And in many places (including Washington State), rear reflectors are required by law.

Both the μ and the Secuzed can be mounted on your bike’s fender or on the seatstay. The μ comes with two different mounts, whereas the Secuzed has a screw for fender mounting and an extra-strong zip tie for attaching the taillight to the seatstay.

We also have our Rene Herse taillights in stock. With a custom-machined housing and a reflector that doubles as the lens, it provides a diffuse light that’s as visible from a distance, but easier on the eyes of cyclists drafting you in a paceline.

We recently received a shipment from SON, so all generator hubs and Edelux II headlights are in stock as well. If you’re still running battery lights and worry about run times as the days are getting shorter, now’s a good opportunity to get generator-powered lights. Experience yourself how the Edelux II and its layered beam—like that of a car headlight—make riding at night so much more pleasant and safe.

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