Ted King’s Favorite Mirror Back in Stock

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Ted King’s Favorite Mirror Back in Stock

A few weeks ago, we talked about Ted King’s favorite mirror, and how he used it on a recent adventure in the Cascade Mountains to scan the road behind and spot cars long before we could hear them. It made for a safer and more relaxing ride.

Ted’s Berthoud mirror is CNC-machined from aluminum, so it’s sturdy and elegant. It’s small, so it doesn’t get in the way even when Ted is sprinting out of the saddle. Despite its small size, the mirror gives a good field of vision, so he sees when a car is approaching from behind—or when a rider is pulling out of the paceline to launch their attack. The mirror is easy to adjust on the go, without tools—just turn the mirror to the position you want (like the inside mirror of a car).

Berthoud mirrors are available in black or silver. Made in small batches in France, they can be hard to keep in stock. Our last delivery sold out within 24 hours. We’ve just received another shipment, so they are back in stock.

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