It amazes us that the bike industry still sells bikes without lights. Imagine a sports car maker suggesting that you’ll drive only in daytime, and if you do go out at night, you can clamp battery lights to your front and rear bumpers! Fortunately, it’s not difficult to retrofit your bike with great lights.

LED lights have revolutionized real-world cycling. They put out so much light that you can illuminate the road far ahead. They are key to spirited riding at night.

Many makers try to distract you with dazzling claims of brightness, but the shape of the beam is much more important than the lumens put out by your LED. It’s important to have just the right amount of light where you need it, rather than blindly throw light in all directions.

The lights in our program are equipped with sophisticated reflectors that project the beam where you need it – on the road – rather than waste it by illuminating the sky and blinding oncoming traffic. More light is projected into the distance than the near field, so that you don’t ride into a bright spot right that makes it difficult to see further ahead.

With these lights, we safely descend in the dark at speeds of 65 km/h (40 mph), even on curving roads. The LEDs don’t burn out like old-style light bulbs. Without having to worry about batteries running out, we have found that the lights in our program are truly maintenance-free. All lights in our program are powered by generator hubs (available separately).

Liberate your cycling by equipping your bike with modern generator-powered lights!

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“The Edelux does a great job of generating an even light intensity.”
– M.P.

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