Lake Joy Loop

Lake Joy Loop

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Route Description

Start in Duvall, 25 miles east of Seattle. There’s parking and a bathroom at the Depot Park, named after the old railroad station building that’s still standing. After a short warmup on a rail trail, head into the foothills of the Cascade Mountains on a trail frequented by horseback riders and hikers. This arrow-straight trail runs on top of the pipeline that carries drinking water from the Cascade Mountains to Seattle. It’s a fun rollercoaster ride that ends with a slightly challenging twisty descent. Enjoy—or walk it if you prefer not to take any risks.

Paved backroads take you to Lake Joy, where you can access the water at Lake Joy Park. Continue on the Tolt Highlands on beautiful flowing gravel roads, before dropping into Carnation on a twisty descent. 

Ride into town to enjoy a break at Sandy’s Espresso, which for decades has been a favorite cyclist stopover. (Carnation also has a grocery store and a gas station/convenience store.) Then return to Duvall on the abandoned railbed of the tree-lined Snoqualmie Valley Trail for a nice spin on smooth gravel.

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Route Details

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  • Distance: 24 miles (39 km)
  • >10% gravel
  • Rideable: all year