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Please use this form for your questions about an order you have already placed.

Please do not use this form for other questions. (You will not get a reply. Refer to our Contact page to get your request to the right employee.)

Please note that we cannot combine orders. Each order will be processed separately. This ensures that you can track your orders. It also allows you to return the products (and receive a refund) if you change your mind about your purchase.

If you want to cancel your order, please use this form. If your order hasn’t shipped yet, we will cancel it. However, we cannot guarantee that we’ll see your message before your order is shipped, even if you submit the form immediately. There is a 5% fee to cover the credit card/Paypal fees, which are not refunded by the credit card companies/Paypal. If your order has already been shipped and cannot be canceled, you may return the items for a refund after you receive them.

Claims for shipping damage have to be filed within 3 days of receipt of the package (as shown on the tracking information) to meet the deadlines imposed by the shipping companies.

Please submit the form only once. You will get a confirmation notice that we’ve received it.

Customer service requests can take 2-5 working days. Submitting the same question multiple times complicates our research and will slow down the response to your request.

Order Question