SKF Bottom Bracket – ISIS – 118 mm


Tired of ISIS bottom brackets that last only a season or two? The large ISIS spindle leaves little room for the bearings, and most high-end bottom brackets use pressed-in cartridge bearings with tiny balls that wear quickly.

SKF designed their cartridge bottom bracket from the ground up to optimize strength and durability. The bearings run on races ground directly into the spindle and the shell, so SKF can use larger balls and rollers for optimum durability. For example, the non-drive-side balls measure 4.5 mm in diameter.

To keep the bearings running smoothly, SKF designed and patented multi-stage seals that retain the grease and keep out water and dirt. One model is available:

Mountain (BXC-600)


10 year warranty includes the bearings. Made in Germany.

Pro Tip: Do not use ‘single-hook’ wrench during installation. This crack the stainless steel cartridge. Use a multi-pronged tool like the Park BBT-18.

  • BSC (British) treads
  • Bottom bracket shell width: 73 mm or 68 mm (with included 2.5 mm spacer)
  • Roller bearings on drive side
  • Extra-large ball bearings on non-drive side
  • Meets EN 'City/Trekking Bike' standard for fatigue resistance.
  • Weight: 291 g (110 mm)
  • Install with ISIS-type bottom bracket tool.
  • Do not use 'single-hook' wrench that can chip the cartridge.