Rene Herse Crankarm (Spare Part)


We offer individual Rene Herse crankarms as spare parts. Please select model and length.

Rene Herse crankarms are the same for double and triple cranks, and for 5-9-speed and 9-12-speed. Single arms accept only one chainring. Tandem arms have reverse-threaded pedal holes.

Made in Taiwan.


Rene Herse cranks remain unsurpassed in their efficiency. The small 70 mm bolt circle allows you to use any chainring combination from 24 teeth upward. The minimalist design with three arms makes this one of the lightest cranks ever made, yet the chainrings are well-supported, and standard chainring bolts are used. Choose between single, double and triple cranks. Please note that a single crank cannot be converted to double or triple, though the latter are interchangeable with the correct bolts.

We’ve updated Rene Herse’s classic design by curving the arms slightly. This provides additional heel clearance and allows use of a shorter bottom bracket spindle. We forge the arms out of the strongest aluminum, and we machine the chainrings out of ultra-hard 7000-series aluminum for optimum wear resistance. We custom-make our bolts. Producing such a minimalist design requires very tight tolerances and superior quality. That is why we have a dedicated engineer supervising the production at our suppliers.

Thanks to our net-shape forging process (which has a dedicated forging die for each crank length), René Herse cranks are the only classic cranks that pass the most stringent EN ‘Racing Bike’ standard for fatigue resistance. They have proven themselves over tens of thousands of miles of hard riding.

  • Forged 2014 arms for high strength
  • Meets EN 'Racing Bike' standard for fatigue resistance
  • Click here for downloadable instructions for Rene Herse Cranks, SKF Bottom Brackets, and our chart for using the two together.

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