Nivex Rear Derailleur


The ultimate analog derailleur! We’ve left no stone unturned to optimize the shifting performance of the Nivex derailleur. Desmodromic actuation makes for lightning-fast, consistent shifts across the entire gear range. A clever compensator lever keeps the chain tension constant and prevents chain slap even in small chainring-small cog gear combinations. At 176 g, the Nivex is lighter than most current derailleurs, yet it’s designed to last, and it’s fully rebuildable. The Nivex derailleur has already proven itself in rugged adventures like Paris-Brest-Paris, the Oregon Outback and Unbound XL.

Read more about the Nivex derailleur in the Rene Herse Journal.

Important: The Nivex requires a special braze-on under the chainstay for mounting. It cannot be mounted to derailleur hangers on the frame’s rear dropout.

The Nivex is a modular design that works with cassettes from 6- to 12-speed. Refer to the Tech Specs below for more information.

Pro Tip: The Nivex can be retrofitted to existing bikes. Braze on the Nivex derailleur mount and a chain guide large enough for two cables under the bottom bracket (a simple loop of wire will do).

The first production run sold out very quickly. More derailleurs are in production. They will arrive in May.

Nivex® is a registered mark of Rene Herse Cycles.

  • Max. rear cog size: 30-tooth
  • Capacity: 35 teeth
  • Optimized for the following cassettes:
    • 9-11-speed: 12-28 to 11-30
    • 6-8-speed: 13-26 to 11-30
  • Use 10- or 12-tooth lower pulleys to optimize chain length and tension
  • Weight: 176 g
  • Made in Seattle and Taiwan
  • Click here for instructions