Nivex Shift Lever


A desmodromic shift lever to match the Nivex rear derailleur. Available for 11-speed indexing and friction shifting. (Other indexing versions are in development.) The indexing is designed to be softer than on most other shift levers. The indexing serves as a guide for the lever, but it doesn’t take away the analog feel. Since the Nivex rear derailleur has no return spring, there’s no need to have very strong notches that prevent auto-shifting as the frame flexes.

Pro Tip: Friction shifting is not recommended for cassettes with more than 9 speeds. Otherwise, the cogs are so close together that it is difficult to find the right gear, especially with modern ‘early shifting’ cassettes that pick up the chain as soon as it touches the next cog. (This is not just with the Nivex, but applies to all derailleurs.)

Nivex® is a registered mark of Rene Herse Cycles.

  • Mounts to standard shift lever boss
  • Weight: 54 g
  • Made in Taiwan