MKS Sylvan Next Road/Track Pedals, “EZY-Superior” Rinko


The travel version of the amazing Sylvan Next Road/Track pedals: MKS took their popular Sylvan model and added their best, silky-smooth cartridge bearings to create the Sylvan Next. The Road/Track model is intended for use with dedicated cycling shoes. The cut-away platform provides optimum cornering clearance, and the one-sided design minimizes the weight. Use with toeclips (not included).

MKS Rinko pedals have two parts. A stub attaches to the crank like a normal pedal. The actual pedal attaches to this with a fitting similar to an air hose. To attach or release the pedal, turn the outer ring and push it toward the crank. The ability to remove the pedals quickly and without tools (or dirty hands) is useful not only when packing bikes for travel. It can be useful when the bike is stored in a narrow space. It also makes it easy to change pedals on your bike. You could commute all week in street shoes on platform pedals, and then swap in a set of clipless pedals for a weekend ride.

Also available in a standard, non-Rinko version.

Pro Tip: MKS makes pedals at many price points. Rene Herse Cycles only sells the top-of-the-line models, which feature silky smooth cartridge bearings and beautifully finished bodies.

  • Compatible with other MKS 'EZY Superior' pedals
  • Not compatible with MKS 'EZY' pedals
  • For use with toe clips (not included)
  • Cartridge bearings for silky smooth spin and long life
  • Includes travel bag
  • Weight: 373 g (pair)
  • Made in Japan
Availability: In stock