Rene Herse Titanium Crank Bolts


It’s no secret that we enjoy light bikes – they feel different when you ride them – but we’re not willing to sacrifice function or durability. We save a little weight in many places, and it adds up quickly. Titanium crank bolts weigh half as much as steel bolts, saving 18 grams. The built-in washers eliminate the risk of forgetting the washers when using a crank puller and stripping your crank threads.

These bolts work all square taper cranks. Sold as a pair of bolts.

Pro Tip: Install the cranks with steel bolts. Ride for 50 miles (80 km) and retighten the bolts to complete seating the cranks. Then remove the steel bolts and swap for titanium bolts. Tighten to 25 Nm. Use the same technique every time you install the cranks.

  • Fits all square taper bottom brackets
  • Ti6AL4V Titanium (grade 9.9)
  • Rolled threads
  • Built-in washer
  • Fits 15 mm crank wrench
  • Max. torque: 25 Nm
  • Weight: 10 g each
  • Made in Taiwan
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