Rene Herse Crank Gauge


Check whether the clearances of your frame are correct! This gauge allows you to visualize the clearances required for a Rene Herse double crank (177 mm length) with a 48×32 chainring combination. If the gauge fits, then your Rene Herse cranks will work with a 110 mm bottom bracket, with enough clearance to work reliably. And since the Rene Herse cranks have one of the narrowest Q-factors and a chainline of 43.5 mm, other cranks will fit as well.

If the gauge fits, then smaller chainrings and shorter crankarms also will fit. If you need more room, space out the cranks with a longer bottom bracket spindle. This gauge takes the guesswork out of the which parts you need to order.

The gauge is laser-cut from plastic. Remove protective cover before you use it.

  • Made in the USA.
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