Rene Herse M-13 Wide Front Rack for Cantilever Brakes


Equip your bike with one of the lightest, most elegant racks ever made. The Rene Herse M-13 rack fits many bikes with cantilever brakes.

The Rene Herse M-13 rack is fillet-brazed from superlight and super-strong Cromoly steel tubing, with a plated finish for durability. The elegant tabs for mounting the rack to the cantilever bosses are brazed into the ends of the rack support tubes, like dropouts on a classic bicycle frame. (Other racks often use plates welded to the ends of the tubes or just squeeze the tubes and drill a hole.) At 180 g, the M-13 Extralight is one of the lightest racks available today.

The optional ‘standing’ light mount that gives you a choice among a wide range of lights. (Use with Rene Herse Light Mounting Bolt.)

Also available without light mount. (Two eyelets give you the option of mounting a light using the Rene Herse Light Mount.)

Pro Tip: The M-13 rack requires a distance between fork crown and centerpull bosses of 100 mm. If your bike’s specs are different, use the adjustable Rene Herse UD-2 rack.

Scroll down for complete specs.

  • Attaches to fork crown and cantilever brake pivots
  • Does not work with Paul Racer; these brakes extend forward of the pivot
  • 75 mm between cantilever bosses, 100 mm from fork crown
  • Requires 6 mm hole all the way through the fork crown
  • Fork crown bolt is 40 mm long. If crown is thicker than 35 mm, use recessed nut (for brakes).
  • Made in Japan to Rene Herse Extralight specifications
  • Cromoly steel tubing, chrome-plated for durability
  • Custom hardware for secure attachment
  • Platform: 165 mm x 90 mm (Backstop: 48 mm)
  • 180 g (rack with light mount); 23 g (hardware)
  • Load limit: depends on terrain, riding style, tire size and pressure. Tested to 10 kg (22 lb) on a lab 'torture' machine and in the field.
  • Made in Japan.
The racks are supplied with custom hardware:
  • 2x Rene Herse rack/brake bolts (M6/M5)
  • 2x M5 domed nuts and serrated washers
  • M6 nut for fork crown mount
  • Nut with built-in washer and leather washer for fender mount
  • Optional light mount on left side