BQ 67 (Spring 2019)


One focus of the Spring BQ is women in cycling. More women enjoy cycling than ever before, but many still face a problem: Most bikes are designed for average men – and many women have a hard time finding bikes that fit them.

When our editor Natsuko needed a new all-road bike for gravel adventures, C. S. Hirose, the Japanese master builder, created a bike with a 47 cm frame that doesn’t involve compromises in handling, performance or appearance. Read Natsuko’s story about where she took her new bike for its first ride. Discover its many special features in beautiful studio photos.

Women have always participated as equals in randonneuring. Giving you a taste of the incredible Paris-Brest-Paris adventure, we talk to two randonneuses (and two randonneurs) from three continents. Why do they ride 1200 km (750 miles) almost non-stop? What did they enjoy most about PBP? What was most challenging? What bikes do they ride? And what is their advice for riders contemplating the big ride? You’ll be inspired by these riders and their passion!

Adventures come in many guises. Finding a new route across the Dark Divide of the Cascade Mountains (yes, that is the official name!) in mid-winter certainly qualifies. What better test for the Salsa Warbird carbon all-road bike? Is it tough enough for this challenging route?

At first sight, Sanomagic’s beautiful wooden bikes may look like works of art, not bikes for serious riding. But that would be missing the point: They are as light as carbon bikes. Join us as we visit his shop and even take one of his rare creations for a ride. You’ll be in for a surprise!

We also take you into the surprisingly small factory in Japan where most of the steel tubes for the thousands of Keirin race bikes are crafted. Kaisei prides itself on making the tubes that professional racers rely on, week after week, in the toughest racing you’ll find anywhere.


  • 6 A Women’s All-Road Bike
  • 26 Firefly in Nice
  • 62 Paris-Brest-Paris: Why They Ride 1200 km
  • 80 Shop Visit: Sanomagic Mahogany Bikes
  • 90 Michael Barry; 1938-2018
  • 96 Shop Visit: Kaisei Frame Tubing
  • 102 Skill: When to Shift
  • 112 Icon: Ducheron Epanoui Lugs
  • 40 Bike Test: Salsa Warbird on Juniper Ridge
  • 58 First Ride: BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Carbon E-Bike
  • 108 Book Review: Queens of Pain
  • 110 Product Tests: King Many Things Cages; RuthWorks Forky Legs Bags
  • 4 News
  • 104 Tire Sizing: A Mysterious Art